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SURVIVAL KIT is an international contemporary art festival that was born in 2009 as a reaction to the changes the economic crisis had wrought in Latvia. The SURVIVAL KIT festival is organised by the Centre for Contemporary Art as an annual call for artists and spectators to observe, comment and act, focusing their attention on a different subject every year. Concept submissions for the 3rd SURVIVAL KIT festival (to take place from 8 to 18 September) will be accepted until 21 February.

Previous editions of the SURVIVAL KIT festival have been about seeking survival strategies that would offer creative and useful solutions to help overcome the crisis. This time we’re taking a look at the future. Or, more accurately, seeking to connect the past with the future.

When describing the current situation, we often speak of a turning point. A period of transition from one state to another. Recovering from a fall, or preparing to take flight? There’s a sense of having mastered new survival skills, perhaps of learning to view ongoing events from another angle, of changing our usual hierarchy of values – and of now being ready to embark on a new stage of development.

In an effort to better perceive our trajectory on the road forward, we may attempt to understand the causes of the recent sharp changes, or analyse their effects, assemble the jigsaw puzzle of facts and speculations, seeking chains of interconnections and coincidences. But we may also take an excited leap into the twists and turns of the future, or warily feel out the yet-unknown pathways.

For some time now futurology has no longer been the realm of stargazers and prophets; it is now of considerable interest to economists and financiers, who churn out various forecasts, predicting, for example, that the global influence of Africa and China will grow significantly, that local industry will play a dominant role, that air travel will become an expensive luxury service and people will slow down, or that new innovative technologies will help us survive and replace limited natural resources. And what will life be like right here in Latvia in a few years’ or a decade’s time? Will the heavy migration continue? Will the native inhabitants leave and be replaced by other nationalities? Maybe one in every two residents will be a senior citizen? Maybe someone thinks that summer will be immediately followed by winter; that the climate will have changed radically? Will the Contemporary Art Museum have been built?

Visions of future are much debated and discussed, but it is still difficult to imagine how they will change and affect the reality and life we are used to. The artists’ trained imagination and outside-the-box thinking could produce images of the future that would help us experience future scenarios and become more prepared for them, or bring an understanding of how to link the past to the future. It is perhaps an invitation to untangle the threads of past events, both commonplace and unexpected, to try and apprehend and analyse all that has happened – and also to overcome inertia and step over the threshold of predictable imagination.

We are seeking artists and their ideas for the festival!

Please submit your entries to before 21 February, enclosing the following:

-          description of the concept for the artwork;

-          estimate of the costs of producing the work of art;

-          contact details of the artist (telephone number, email address).

In anticipation of working together in the near future,

the SURVIVAL KIT team – Solvita Krese, Elīna Cire, Agnese Lūse, Zane Zajančkauska


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